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ta-nehesi coates writes a post called "Why 'Accidental Racist' is Actually Just Racist", which we all know is some kind of irresistible siren song to a certain type of commenter. you know the kind. you've back-clicked from their "arguments" on countless news sites, you've had that extra rum-infused eggnog at thanksgiving to stop yourself from strangling them, etc. the great thing about TNC is he moderates the hell out of his online space, which means actual conversation can happen there. and when those inevitable, inescapable commenters appear, they, for once, don't get coddled. they get, very politely, very articulately, and very definitively taken down.

I have not in fact called him racist. I have called the song racist. You may say that something I have said is stupid or ignorant or mean. You have not, in fact, called me a stupid person or an ignorant person or a mean person.

I strongly suspect that you know this. I do not care what is preferable. I do not write to rescue you from your own need to take offense. I will not make this easy for you. I will not address you as though you do not know the difference between describing what you are doing and what you are.

I will not write for "many white people." Tell them to read a book. This ain't built for them.

it's glorious.
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Look I wrote a poem... thingy. I really need some new clothes. And glasses. And dental work. Anyway, ph34r my poetic magic!! (Seriously. It's pretty bad).

Wear and Tear

All my socks have holes
All my trousers do, too
And don't forget the shirts.
All the missing buttons
And tattered cuffs
And the tears
That I clumsily sewed back together.

And let's not even mention
My unmentionables.
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Here is a poem I wrote about the recent discovery of soft tissue in a Tyrannosaurus rex fossil:

soft science/
hunk sandstone forced break solid fossilized bone rock lab chemically hard cold lab bone dead minerals bone fossilization fossils fossil fossils sandstone excavated fossil cracked cracking bones cut bone cut
hard science/
yielded soft tissue blood vessels cells blood vessels bone cells blood cells transparent flexible vessels flexible squeezed cells flexibility transparency soft tissue soft tissues warm living blood vessels blood vessels yielded flexible fibers cells soft tissue wrapping soft tissue soft tissue

And here is a link to the article:
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God's Bodikins, ya'll, it's almost that time of year again... Yes, the time to celebrate the birth of Abraham Lincoln! Every year we celebrate with Lincoln shaped chocolate sweets and the wearing of Lincoln beards, but this year I thought we might add a little something to the festivities. Hereby I decree this time of year to be the time of reading PRESIDENTIAL SKITS.

You all thought that they were gone and forgotten, but no... no they weren't. Much to all of our chagrin, I present to you:


Was that not enough for you? OF COURSE IT WASN'T. And so, to appease your appetites I shall further present:


Yes, these were acted out all too often in the halls of FDR by the likes of myself, Kelsey, Stephanie, and I'm not sure about Kerri on account of, you know, France. If anyone has clear memories of the generation of these ridiculous things, I would love to hear it. For example, why we thought a pinecone was a good representation of Alexander Burr. Because that really puzzled me when I was typing these up. By the way, I enjoy how Jefferson and Washington apparently live together. What the hell was wrong with us??

For my non-American friends, Ham would be Alexander Hamilton, founding father and one of the writers of the Federalist papers. You may have seen him on the ten dollar bill. You probably haven't seen quotes like this one:

"I'm sorry you went away. I wish you were back."
G.W. to A.H. July 19, 1787 (during an absence from the Congress)

Or especially this one:

"I wish, my dear Laurens ... it might be in my power, by action rather than words,
[to] convince you that I love you." - Alexander Hamilton (writing to John Laurens)


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