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should i bother with new sherlock? rachel talalay directed so maybe it will be pretty to glance at as i scroll on twitter?

i also have latest elementary to catch up on but i expect that to be any good at all, so.
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i am valiantly trying to listen to the latest ep of the "i hear sherlock" podcast because bert coules is interviewed, but i swear to god listening to the two presenters is like being slowly sucked into a bottomless swamp of tedium and despair. they're so boring i'm having to remind the cells of my body to hold their form so they don't just give up and dissolve into a morass of organic mush and soak into my beige office carpeting.

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my Totally Not At All Batshit elementary theory is: irene adler is alive and is also moriarty; she faked her own death to get away from holmes' terrible wardrobe.

btw, there is a wee kitten on me who REFUSES to let me sit and type in a peaceful or ergonomic manner. her name is olive. ^___^
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sleep doesn't seem to be my friend tonight, so somehow i ended up flicking through the files in my computer and i found this excerpt from an old story i haven't worked on in years. i doubt i'll ever finish it, but right now, at four in the morning, that seems a shame. ah well.

Once, soon after he and Watson had first moved into their rooms in Baker Street, Mrs. Hudson had found him sitting on the stoop, contemplating some truly atrocious acts after having been foolish enough to surreptitiously attend a lecture by Professor Moriarty. It had concerned the usefulness of non-Euclidean geometry in physics. It was late, and damp, and cold, and he never knew why she had been awake at such an hour. She had found him sitting on the stoop and brought him inside, into the kitchen, and had made him tea, sat with him, talked to him about nothing, really, and, somehow, made him feel human again. He was so affected by this simple act that for some weeks afterward he felt as if he might be in love with her, a concept that frightened him immensely. It taught him the power of kindness -- its effectiveness as a tool and the necessity of shielding himself from its terrible effects.

He was young then; young and naive, for he truly thought that it would be possible to protect himself from the power of emotion, from the effortless dominion of love. Experience had taught him the folly of such pathetic arrogance.
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Six Ways "The Great Game" Won't End

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Stephen Fry: "Holmes is retired at this point, and is keeping bees on the Sussex downs --"
Alan Davies: "Against their will?!"
Stephen Fry: "They loved it. They loved being kept by Holmes."
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anyone interested in a german-language holmes/watson zine called Gentlemen, published in 2003 by the TOS Sisters (BR, Lady Charena, Marion)? it's 167 pages, spiral-bound, black and white, with illustrations. i don't remember how much it was originally sold for as i was given a copy in exchange for providing a piece of artwork, but i'd be happy to send it to a new home for the price of postage.

classic slash, guys! the quality of which i am unable to comment on as i can't read german!
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reading the language of bees, and sending [ profile] cesario periodic txt messages as i progress:

[ profile] prof_pangaea: Ha, I have been waiting for Crowley or some Golden Dawn knockoff to show up
[ profile] cesario: I was honestly surprised she didnt just draft AC himself for a cameo
[ profile] prof_pangaea: Holmes would have died of embarrassment
[ profile] cesario: He coped tolerably well with LRK fellating the memory of TE Lawrence


now i shall go back to immersing myself in the massive gay subtext massive gay subtext. <3!
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i have never done one of these, but today i decided to, possibly because i am insane or a masochist. the first lines meme, nicked from a good portion of the flist: take the first line of your last 20 stories and see what this says about your writing. i bent the rules slightly and post a bit more than one sentence in a couple of cases. one thing i definitely know it says is that i really need to finish more fic, since about 75% of the lines are from unfinished fics. sigh. i'll bold the ones that are actually done and posted anywhere at all.

proof that i do actually *try* to write fanfiction under here )

oh man. well, i think this tells us that 01: i need better first sentences and 02: i should probably finish some of these things and get them off my harddrive.
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Title: Inevitable
Author: professor pangaea
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Disclaimer: Mr. Holmes and the eminent Professor James Moriarty are now in the public domain, but of course I give ultimate credit and thanks for their existence to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Summary: The immutability of the autumn, the inevitability of the spring.
Notes: Written to cheer up [ profile] eponymous_rose; she gave me the prompt "Holmes, Moriarty and a tree". Thanks to [ profile] lizbee for looking it over.

Inevitable )

As always, feedback and criticism are both welcome and cherished.
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sherlock hound!

oh, if only this didn't already exist. i would love to make it.
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i like to think of watson witnessing holmes' various behaviours and suddenly remembering, "i live with this guy."

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this show really deserves a fandom all of its own. like the granada holmes series has, except without all of the wangst. ronald howard and h. marion crawford are the anti-wangst.

they don't even have a proper fansite! ;_______;
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Sub Rosa is site of the month over at the Baker Street Dozen!

I've really admired Charles Prepolec for a long time, so this is very nice.
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Title: All Nature Is Our Satellite
Author: Professor Pangaea
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Disclaimer: Mr. Holmes is in the public domain, and I give thanks to both Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and to Henry David Thoreau for being such an inspiration to so many people, not least of all myself.
Notes: The text of Mr. Thoreau's journal entry used herein is not, unfortunately, from the fourteen volume 1906 edition published by Houghton Mifflin, but from the more recent Princeton edition. There are marked differences in punctuation in the two texts, but the words themselves are usually the same. Nevertheless, when and if I can locate a usable copy of the 1906 edition I shall be sure to emend the text of this story accordingly.

All Nature Is Our Satellite )

Especially as this story is unbetaed, feedback and criticism shall be much appreciated and cherished.
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I finally got Locked Rooms from the library yesterday (there were many middle-aged women in line for the book before me, it seems), and finished it today. My (very brief) thoughts below, as I have to get ready for class. There will be more, OH SO MUCH MORE, when I have the time.

The Horror )

I need to go finish reading the decision in Marbury v. Madison now.

Sub Rosa

Sep. 6th, 2005 11:41 am
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Title: Sub Rosa
Author: Professor Pangaea
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Disclaimer: Mr. Holmes and sundry other characters are now in the public domain, but of course I give ultimate credit and thanks for their existence to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Summary: "One of the most attractive things about the flowers is their beautiful reserve. The truly beautiful and noble puts its lover, as it were, at an infinite distance, while it attends him more strongly than ever." -- Henry David Thoreau

Many images contained herein... )
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Summary for episode 3 of Cult Holmes:

When Holmes is shot at by a rifle from the future it's clear that something is very wrong with reality.

How right you are, BBC7.
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Just read Fic of Goodness by [ profile] lizbee; it's called Seasons and it is Russell fic and it is GOOD. Maturity, thoughtfulness, slightly manipulative Holmes, humour! It's all good. I hereby rec it for it is a beautiful little thing.

Then, I realised that I missed House tonight. Again. Dammit, brain.

Courtesy of The Birlstone Railway Smash (alias Brad Keefauver) is another... amazing thing to witness, namely, Action Sherlock Brain Theatre.

In which the Smash shows off his incredible number of action figures as well as his ridiculous sense of humour. MARVEL! as outraged Canadian farmers randomly enter plotlines! WONDER! at the revelation that Grimpen Mire is the key to healthy, managable hair! BE DISTURBED! as you realise that this guy must have made large amounts of ridiculous and otherwise useless props, like tiny editions of A Study in Scarlet! Although the tiny edition of Clue especially puzzles me (also: In Britain it is Cluedo! Cross-continental time travel?).

Also, trying to get telegram fic Holmes to Asia. Which is not really very hard, actually, the tricky bit is to make him leave telegrammatic evidence. Damn his silent moody ways.


Jun. 1st, 2005 02:51 pm
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The problems with the [ profile] newbieguide entry I have been writing on Sherlock Holmes have been FIXED and the guide is open for business! There is still a lot more I would like to do with the guide (pictures, for one), and I would like some feedback before I proclaim its existence to the Holmesian groups on LJ. So, anyone interested in Holmes, would you scoot on over and check it out and tell me what you think? Thanks!


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