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reading the language of bees, and sending [ profile] cesario periodic txt messages as i progress:

[ profile] prof_pangaea: Ha, I have been waiting for Crowley or some Golden Dawn knockoff to show up
[ profile] cesario: I was honestly surprised she didnt just draft AC himself for a cameo
[ profile] prof_pangaea: Holmes would have died of embarrassment
[ profile] cesario: He coped tolerably well with LRK fellating the memory of TE Lawrence


now i shall go back to immersing myself in the massive gay subtext massive gay subtext. <3!
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I finally got Locked Rooms from the library yesterday (there were many middle-aged women in line for the book before me, it seems), and finished it today. My (very brief) thoughts below, as I have to get ready for class. There will be more, OH SO MUCH MORE, when I have the time.

The Horror )

I need to go finish reading the decision in Marbury v. Madison now.
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Just read Fic of Goodness by [ profile] lizbee; it's called Seasons and it is Russell fic and it is GOOD. Maturity, thoughtfulness, slightly manipulative Holmes, humour! It's all good. I hereby rec it for it is a beautiful little thing.

Then, I realised that I missed House tonight. Again. Dammit, brain.

Courtesy of The Birlstone Railway Smash (alias Brad Keefauver) is another... amazing thing to witness, namely, Action Sherlock Brain Theatre.

In which the Smash shows off his incredible number of action figures as well as his ridiculous sense of humour. MARVEL! as outraged Canadian farmers randomly enter plotlines! WONDER! at the revelation that Grimpen Mire is the key to healthy, managable hair! BE DISTURBED! as you realise that this guy must have made large amounts of ridiculous and otherwise useless props, like tiny editions of A Study in Scarlet! Although the tiny edition of Clue especially puzzles me (also: In Britain it is Cluedo! Cross-continental time travel?).

Also, trying to get telegram fic Holmes to Asia. Which is not really very hard, actually, the tricky bit is to make him leave telegrammatic evidence. Damn his silent moody ways.
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Title: If Clothes Make The Man...
Author: Professor Pangaea
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (Mary Russell)
Spoilers: A bit for The Beekeeper's Apprentice, plus slight mentions of events in A Monstrous Regiment of Women and The Game
Discliamer: Though Mr. Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain, Miss Mary Russell is most assuredly not, and so I let it be known that I do this not for profit but for love. I'm sure Laurie R. King would be slightly confounded at my take on her characters.
Notes: This is incredibly not-betaed, and in fact I've taken much more time on it than I meant to. Still, it is rather off the cuff (for me), and mostly written because the idea randomly sprang into my head one day and I thought, Someone should write that. But then I realised I was the only one who would ever do such a thing. Mostly finished to see it it would make [ profile] cesario's head explode. And maybe a little bit of an eruption from [ profile] lizbee. Also, I'm really not sure why I've titled this thing as I have done, but ah well.

If Clothes Make the Man... )

Tell me what you think, peoples.


Feb. 16th, 2005 03:06 pm
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Title: Mentor
Author: Professor Pangaea
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (Mary Russell)
Spoilers: The Beekeeper's Apprentice -- the Big Bad is herein revealed.
Disclaimer: Though Mr. Holmes is in the public domain, Miss Russell and various other named characters in this piece are not. But I hasten to assure you, gentle reader, that I do this not for profit, but for love. My regards to both Sir Arthur and Ms. King.
Notes: Many thanks to [ profile] watergal for her beta, especially as she has never read any of the Mary Russell series. Credit for a major proportion of coherency and proper usage of commas goes to her. All remaining errors are, of course, my own. If you aren't familiar with the characters or setting, this may be confusing; I do apologise for that. For all who read the words "Mary Russell" and let out a heart-rending groan, well, I won't apologise for her. She's unconscious the entire time in any case.

Mentor )

As always, feedback and criticism are both appreciated and cherished.
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"No, Captain Nesbit, we generally work separately at some point in an investigation."

"But this is India, and I shouldn't like to think of a woman --"

I froze the words on his tongue with a gaze as flat an icy as the Simla Club rink. Holmes threaded his fingers together over his stomach and studied the ceiling.
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Alright, I've just started reading The Game (yay for libraries); I've actually had it for a few days, but for some reason I didn't immediately jump onto it. In any case, I'm only far enough in for the plot to still be exposition, and Holmes starts explaining what led him to the three year Hiatus. He says that his explanation to Watson about finishing up with the Moriarty gang was false -- so, I think, 'Hmmm... I'm wondering what the real reason was. It must have been important to MAKE YOUR BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD THINK YOU WERE DEAD FOR THREE YEARS. SO here's what he says:

Once at the top, setting my face to the East, I paused. In fact, I sat among the bushes and stones for so long, I saw Watson reappear in a panic on the path below me. I saw the poor fellow find the note I had left there, saw him... He wept, Russell; my loyal friend broke down and wept, and it was all I could do not to stand and hail him. But I was silent, not because I wished to cause him pain, nor even because I had a thought out plan of action. No, it was merely that I had been given the priceless gift of choice, and could not bring myself to throw it away.

I'm sorry, but... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??? You don't tell Watson you're alive because you feel like it? That's worse than Doyle's explanation!! MUCH WORSE!

Well, the only other people on my friends list who will care about this exchange have already read this book, so tell me (without spoilers -- I am still on page 26) what you think of this. Holmes doesn't even sound sad, or chagrined, when he says this -- and Russell didn't have what I would call a normal reaction either (i.e., ANY reaction). Is Laurie R. King trying to show us HOW MUCH of an asshole Holmes was back in the day? Is she just saying, "Oh, that Holmes -- he's so zany! You never know what he'll do next!" Or does this have to do with King's overall low opinion of Watson?


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