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not actually spoilery for anything except one or two unimportant lines of dialogue, but cutting just in case! oh, and also there is SODOMY in this post. so there. )

this obviously means that she has A NICKNAME FOR EVERY REGENERATION. guys, we must figure out these nicknames. it is of great importance to the universe ...somehow. yes.

ETA: i'm posting the winners! as determined by awesomeness. also accepting any alternates for ten and eleven that she may use when in the right mood. like, "Hey, Weaselface, stop licking that Ming Vase." ANSWERS MAY BE CHANGED OR ADDED TO AT ANY TIME.

One: Crankypants (from [ profile] darthcorrie)
Two: Moptop (from [ profile] biichan) or Columbo (from [ profile] wra1th22 (obviously after a trip to the 1990's in which they watched a marathon on A&E)
Three: Miss Thing (from [ profile] violetisblue)
Four: Handful (nudge nudge) (from [ profile] iko)
Five: Princess Di (from [ profile] lizbee)
Six: Sugar Plum (from [ profile] big_n_happy)
Seven: Shortcakes (from [ profile] reasonabsurd)
Eight: Prince Charming (from [ profile] neutralalienist) or Fop (from [ profile] wra1th22)
Nine: Big Ears (from [ profile] netgirl_y2k)
Ten: Pretty Boy (from River) or Weaselface (from me)
Eleven: Babyface (from River)
bonus!Twelve: The Girl One (from [ profile] nostalgia_lj)
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okay, these remixes probably got old six months before the original film came out, but i still found this one to be STARTLINGLY ACCURATE. "He'll cheer up -- Tom Baker is doing a Big Finish audio!"


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