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i had a dream last night that moffat wrote the most rubbishy, godawful script for the sherlock s2 premiere - like, it started off as a okay pastiche of SCAN with bits of SIGN thrown in, and then it degenerated into this bizarre story about symbols of femininity throughout history and all of the characters became idiots and then they found all these metaphors in a warehouse and then randomly burned it down in some kind of incredibly stupid and heavy-handed attempt at putting the history of women's oppression behind them and Moving On and oh god it was terrible.

then i woke up and i was so glad that was a dream and not the real show. instead i watched the fall premiere of doctor who and i was like WTF THIS IS ACTUALLY WORSE THAN THE FAKE SHERLOCK FROM MY BRAIN even thought it wasn't worse, because it didn't have the world's most heavy-handed symbolism in it. but it was indeed terrible. i mean, the direction was godawful. it was cheap and amateurish, and i kept thinking, "moff, what is wrong with hiring back graeme harper, he at least knows what he's doing!" but mostly it was that moff's writing was SO DULL i could barely pay attention to what was happening, and seriously, if you're going to have an episode bringing back the master AND bringing in peter davison PLAYING THE FIFTH DOCTOR along with matt smith playing eleven, and it's still shit, then you've really failed as a writer and potentially as a human being. i got into a huge debate with [ profile] violetisblue, who was defending it, and i was like, "HOW CAN YOU LIKE THIS EPISODE?! THIS IS WORSE THAN CURSE OF THE BLACK SPOT - THAT IS HOW SHIT IT IS!!"

and then i woke up again.

i also had a dream about a polar bear trying to eat a stray cat behind my house (note: i don't live in a house or have a backyard). you'll be happy to know the cat fought off the polar bear, and that neither of them ended up in an uncharacteristically poorly written steven moffat script.
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omg why is the motown christmas album THE BEST CHRISTMAS ALBUM OF ALL TIME? this question is obviously rhetorical, as the why is unimportant in the face of the excellence of the jackson five and stevie wonder. ooh, it also has my favourite version of "god rest ye merry gentlemen", by smokey robinson & the miracles. soooo good.

the diana ross tracks always scared me when i was younger, though. the beginning of "joy to the world" sounds like she's RUNNING RIGHT AT YOUR FACE, SINGING.

i'm making some tasty dinner, drinking a little wine. colin has made a million vegan brownies so i am SURROUNDED MY THEM. nom nom nom. also i think he is addicted to honey. but that's okay because i am addicted to spaghetti squash. HOW IS IT SO DELICIOUS, HOW?


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