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sister [talking to olive]: if you were a little girl, you'd have freckles.
me: ...and a moustache.
sister: ...and small, little beady eyes.
sister: and the slightest unibrow, kissed light by the sun.
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here is olive when she was three and a half months old. :D

showing off her resemblance to both william h. macy and an ewok

taking a nap in her favourite bed, a fake crystal punchbowl

playing with her favourite toy, a stuffed kitty wearing a santa hat, whose name is Kitty Cat

she is pretty boss. <3
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(talking to [ profile] kels on the phone last night):

[ profile] prof_pangaea: [my cat does something cute] "Awwwe, my kitty is the best ever."
[ profile] kels: "No, mine is."
[ profile] prof_pangaea: "Sorry Clem is the best."
[ profile] kels: "No, my cat is!" *turns around to husband* "Tell him Mittens is the best!"
Brandon [in background]: "Compared to what?"
[ profile] kels: "Just say it!"
Brandon [in background]: "But how can I make that assertion without the relevent data?"
[ profile] kels "...You're useless to me."
[ profile] prof_pangaea: "Ha ha ha. Clem is the best."

clementine proves she is the best by being cute.

more kitties under the cut! )


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