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real post soon. got loads to say about bill. :D

also remembered i promised [personal profile] nonelvis i would give her some grime recs, which in turn reminds me that noel clarke's latest film, "brotherhood" is coming out soon -- it's third in the trilogy (kidulthood, adulthood, brotherhood), and each film has had a MASSIVE grime soundtrack.

that track's "bluku bye bye bye" by chipmunk, fyi
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~hot tea and a thousand trader joes brand fig newtons~
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i have lots more to say about deep breath and into the dalek, but no tiem for that at the moment. so instead, have some random quotes and whatnot i just found in my "restore from draft" when i opened this page up:

random thoughts from deep breath under here )

btw capaldi is AMAZING and i have been SO PLEASANTLY SURPRISED by clara having a personality, and an awesome one to boot. also, am already stockpiling supplies in preparation of becoming the only doctor/danny shipper in existence.
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this fic is a fucker. or i suck at writing. one of the two.
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last night i went to a beer-tasting party held by my sister's boyfriend and his roommate. i had a lot of delicious beer, so that part was definitely a success. in fact, RIGHT AS I TYPE i'm drinking a rescued beer, "old guardian", from stone brewery. it's apparently a "barley wine style ale", which seems to mean it's delicious and has a fantastic 12% alcohol content. i approve.

i keep forgetting what normal people of approximately my age are like. i was rockin' a tweed waistcoat, a bowtie, fuchsia chucks, and a sweet pompadour, and everyone else was wearing t-shirts. well it's obviously good i was there. they needed someone to gay it up a bit.

anyway, this is all obviously a longwinded way of saying i haven't seen the doctor who finale yet. i'm planning on wtching it in a li'l while, though. this will be the first one i haven't watched with somebody since eccleston! well, i suppose i do have a kitty to watch it with. he is currently sitting on my shoulders, so he should have a good view.

<3s, everyone


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