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had a dream about the BEST VIDEO GAME EVER. it was for the game gear and it was a new sonic game. the first two levels were awesome sonic goodness, and then the third level started and it was like a crazy war in the jungle and you had to do regular sonic stuff but also shoot sucker darts onto these specific flying robots with arms. it was super abrupt too, like the first level of raptor rampage for the genesis, where you're suddenly in the middle of everything and you have to immediately start jumping around and getting away from corporate military contractors who were trying to killl you. in my dream it was very confusing because it was the first time i'd ever played this particular sonic game so i wasn't familiar with the layouts and the enemies and i kept almost dying and having to grab that one ring so it wouldn't happen.

and did i mention the point of this game was to RESCUE DONNA NOBLE? eventualy i think the game turned into a book. yes, i tried to read ahead so i'd know what the end was before i woke up, but it didn't work. drat.

anyway i really want to play this new sonic game now. woe, for it does not really exist.
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guys this is possibly the most epic post i will EVER MAKE. otherwise known as "yes, that really is christopher lee. NO REALLY."

The Magic of the Wizard's Dream, by Rhapsody of Fire

"Every second of this song is like an orgasm, its the most epic song ever, there isn't other band like Rhapsody, they're the best band in all the galaxies, and if you don't believe me, listen this song in all of its versions." -- youtube commenter Gaasz

"No it is not funny." -- youtube commenter Gandalf930

Unholy Warcry by Rhapsody of Fire

"Man. What a sweet solo. But why were they rubbing barbecue sauce on a skull at 1:50???
Neways, RoF PWNS ALL!!!!!!!" -- youtube commenter ACDCBoy62

"Maybe the idea was, that the "sauce" is blood. And the skull is the skull of the man, who will be ressurected.
Even so, the song is amazing.
So was Rhapsody written. And so shall Rhapsody be!" -- youtube commenter al3k0

"You are stupid, so they are more powerful than themselves? The bandmembers from Rhapsody of Fire are no more "powerful" than any other human." -- youtube commenter Offspringfan63

i saw a cut-down version of "unholy warcry" on Rockhard Video on can-tv (channel 19, i think) when i still lived in chicago. it was the most epic thing i had ever seen and i think i spent several days in a fugue state, thinking, "what the fuck? did i just see that? was fucking christopher lee just fucking IN THAT?". later i found the video on rhapsody's website which resulted in it being shown during one of my classes at SAIC, i.e. the best class ever.

i found the un-cut version on youtube a few weeks ago. and while i was looking at rhapsody links i found "the magic of the wizard's dream", which i had actually read about but never heard (despite looking for it at the time, because i was like, "christopher lee singing epic metal? YAH I NEED TO FIND THAT"). i think that the word which best describes that piece is, indeed, "indescribable".


"thats what im talking about lee is the shit" -- youtube commenter shankmasta420

"there is a god
his name is Christopher Lee" -- youtube commenter Morguille
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"Hello," said the Doctor. He waggled his eyebrows in a fashion that was meant to be sexy and yet mysterious. He was hindered by the fact that he really didn't have any eyebrows to speak of. The waggling was just drawing attention to that unfortunate fact.

"You realise that you're just making me notice that you've got no eyebrows to speak of, don't you?" River asked. She went back to recording the locations of pottery fragments into her datapad.

"Oh yeah," said the Doctor, deflating a bit. "I forgot again."

"Well," she said, drawing her stylus across the screen, "Even if you do seem a little too... fresh, your bone structure looks a bit more solid now. I won't have to be worried I'm going to break you in half anymore."

"We could test that hypothesis out," he replied, a little bit quickly. River glanced up at him, her mouth quirked upwards. "Er. Perhaps. At some point. After your very important and not at all useless work is completed for the day. Yes."

River looked back down at her datapad, but her smile only got wider.

"Meet me at my shuttle at 1400 hours, young man, and we'll discuss it." She looked up at him again, a serious expression on her face. "Oh, and don't forget the hand-cuffs."
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i was going to wait to find out until i saw the confidential but i am totally in various comms refreshing the page every 30 seconds to try and experience it in lame real time. AGH THEY ARE DROPPING HINTS APPARENTLY AHHHHHHHHH
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listening to the big finish christmas podcast is an activity i highly recommend, since it is fourty-five minutes of nick briggs (and david richardson) talking about buying a velvet suit for the VotD premiere, or the lovely laura doddington getting all excited because she was working with sophie aldred ("It's ACE! It's Sophie Aldred!!"), or peter davison sneaking into the studio for the recording of the boy that time forgot because he was afraid that matthew waterhouse would be there.

best part is how they interrupt the podcast to make tea.

gratuitous picture of nick briggs:

ETA: ahahahahahaha yes! nick talking about being at chicago TARDIS and jason haigh-ellery playing a song from one of the doctor who stage plays and horrifying the entire audience. SO TRUE.
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what is mah favourite bit of the doctor who finale? cos there was lots to enjoy, especially if you turn it off fifteen minutes before the end and pretend the rest didn't happen. well, there are many parts BUT HERE IS ONE OF THEM. IN MACRO FORM:

yah be careful there are SPOILERS here guys )

in conclusion: NATE/JACKIE FOREVAH
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because everyone's a musician; everyone's got a song inside them:

ETA: now with live soundtrack from the proms!

ahahahaha yes! that made me so happy. ^___^

the entirety of the doctor who prom can be found at the bbc's website here:
part one
part two

and it is hosted by the lovely freema agyeman! the music of the spheres bit above is about 40 or so minutes into part one (and thus you can hear the audience participation, which is awesome).

ok i haven't heard all of it yet, but a programe that includes both a bbc presenter saying "well, i've never seen a dancing cyberman before" and also prokofiev's romeo and juliet is a good one to me. although i do wish murray gold would lay off the electric guitars a bit. (HE DOESN'T PUT THEM INTO PROKOFIEV, DON'T WORRY).

also, i was unreasonably happy when they played the original theme music over the end credits for music of the spheres. so, to celebrate ron grainer and the bbc radiophonic workshop, here is a link to the entire piece:

original doctor who theme, by ron grainer

it is literally my favourite piece of music ever. i had it on a cd that [ profile] kels gave me in high school, and i would put it on repeat and look at star charts. sad but true. it's why i searched all over for the show and finally found it and started watching eight years ago. thanks, ron grainer.

(first episode i ever saw: TERROR OF THE ZYGONS)
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[ profile] prof_pangaea: have i ever mentioned how much i love when the master addresses the people of earth as "earthlings"? LOVE
[ profile] prof_pangaea: OH GOD YOU'RE RIGHT
[ profile] cesario: MARTIAN VS EARTHLING: DEATHMATCH 2008
[ profile] prof_pangaea: SOMEHOW IT TURNS INTO A SHAGMATCH
[ profile] cesario: <3 <3 <3 <3
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i just started a new job (at a bakery!) which is why the notice is so late. SRY. if i forgot to invite you, consider this my late minute phone call! if you have no idea where i live, give me a call or leave me a comment (with appropriate info for getting back to you promptly, like a phone number or email) and i will tell you! i don't have interwebs at my house, so phone stuff is the best way to go.



Apr. 1st, 2008 11:35 am
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so [ profile] livii's illuminating recent post reminded me of how sadly unsatisfactory That One Scene, from spearhead from space, was: BUT how the producers kindly made it up to us, the viewers, with the last episode of the silurians.

so here is the doctor, all suited up in anti-radiation gears and such. VERY SCIENTIFIC. and then we cut directly to the next scene and see:

and then, yes, gratuitous t-shirt time. no mention is made, at any point during the rest of the episode, why the doctor needs to strip down to a short-sleever to DO SCIENCE. which is what makes it most awesome. "I'M GOIN' IN!"

probably far too much more underneath the cut )

which of course brings us to the real point of this post:


thanks, BBC!
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Title: Lifetimes
Author: professor pangaea
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Seventh Doctor, The Rani, The Master (Ainley)
Spoilers: None, as far as I can tell.
Summary: Once again, the Rani discovers why she should avoid associating with the Master. The Master discovers that there seems to be one subject he is not very logical about. The Doctor discovers how good the Rani is at programming her security system.
Notes: Erm. I think the term is "pointless and embarrassing". Also probably not as fun as the summary makes it out to be. ;___;

Lifetimes )

epilogue: And then Ace blows up a bunch of stuff and rescues the Doctor, probably. THE END.
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i seem to have made icons. which i haven't done for... a year. or more. and i doubt i will put them to much use, so i offer them to any and all who may be interested.

there are a few that are regular type:

there be more under here )

and a few that have those new-fangled technological animation powers:

i just happened to find a picture of gordon brown looking like he was doing a thumbs-up. THERE IS NO OTHER AGENDA EXCEPT THAT GORDON BROWN IS MAYBE KIND OF FUNNY. )

really, i could believe saxon was (is, will be?) running labour or conservative. whichever was funnier, probably.


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