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conversation had with my friend brandon night before last about TEH SRS EFFORTS in engineering school:

brandon: "we spent three years trying to find a function for slug-feet, and there is NOTHING."

prof_: "no! there's got to be some kind of use for slug-feet!"

brandon: "there is no use for mass times density."

prof_: "there's got to be something in higher physics and, i don't know, space-time continua."

brandon: "we tried cross-area density, but that doesn't even make sense."
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i made a drawing based on all the time i have been spending in the time vortex lately. references that last episode of doctor who, utopia, with a bit of spoiler-type action. please not to be clicking unless you know or want to know pivotal dramatic climax of same!

there is more drawing underneath this! )

comments and critique welcomed! although i did already notice the dodgy right eye... and the dodgy hair... frankly it's all a bit dodgy to my eyes at this point. i should probably try again or somesuch.
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comrades, it is time for textual and scientific analysis. with visual guides. when you see the most wonderful insights within, you will be happy that you made with the clicking, for sure.

42 -- or Why It's Not About Martha, And It Was Never About Rose Either. )

this part is even more scientifically accurate and also relevant, because it has star trek in it.


mah reactor!!! it is totally made of obsolete parts that cannot be replaced!! without it we will go super-critical in 48 hours!

mah engines! they are totally made from obsolete parts that cannot be replaced! also that are maybe illegal! without them we will go super-critically into the sun in 42 minutes!
More Scientific Accuracy Within! )

good times, friends!
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Diagon Alley is neat
For wizards, it can't be beat

It's the place they go to get stuff
It's the place they go to get stuff

Robes and cauldrons and owls and broomsticks
Bacon and wands and every flavour beans

It's the place I want to be
Oh it's the place I want to be

Waaahahahaaa Harry and the Potters play in St. Louis on August 9th! Wheeeee!
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( Harry and the Potters; lyrics from:)

Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock

Voldemort can't stop the rock
Voldemort can't stop the rock

We all know that there is nothing
We like more then watching the Wizards
Rock it out like this

Voldemort can't stop the rock
Voldemort can't stop the rock

And we won't let the Dark Lord
Ruin our party just like Tipper Gore tried
With the PMRC

Voldemort can't stop the rock
Voldemort can't stop the rock
Voldemort can't stop the rock
Voldemort can't stop the rock
Voldemort can't stop the rock
Voldemort can't stop the rock
Voldemort can't stop the rock
Voldemort can't stop the rock
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God's Bodikins, ya'll, it's almost that time of year again... Yes, the time to celebrate the birth of Abraham Lincoln! Every year we celebrate with Lincoln shaped chocolate sweets and the wearing of Lincoln beards, but this year I thought we might add a little something to the festivities. Hereby I decree this time of year to be the time of reading PRESIDENTIAL SKITS.

You all thought that they were gone and forgotten, but no... no they weren't. Much to all of our chagrin, I present to you:


Was that not enough for you? OF COURSE IT WASN'T. And so, to appease your appetites I shall further present:


Yes, these were acted out all too often in the halls of FDR by the likes of myself, Kelsey, Stephanie, and I'm not sure about Kerri on account of, you know, France. If anyone has clear memories of the generation of these ridiculous things, I would love to hear it. For example, why we thought a pinecone was a good representation of Alexander Burr. Because that really puzzled me when I was typing these up. By the way, I enjoy how Jefferson and Washington apparently live together. What the hell was wrong with us??

For my non-American friends, Ham would be Alexander Hamilton, founding father and one of the writers of the Federalist papers. You may have seen him on the ten dollar bill. You probably haven't seen quotes like this one:

"I'm sorry you went away. I wish you were back."
G.W. to A.H. July 19, 1787 (during an absence from the Congress)

Or especially this one:

"I wish, my dear Laurens ... it might be in my power, by action rather than words,
[to] convince you that I love you." - Alexander Hamilton (writing to John Laurens)


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