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o hai guys! so apparently gally is happening in a matter of... days. i do not know how that happened but there it is. so who else among my fannish aquaintance will be there? i am excite, peoples!

if you want to meet me, i look like my icon, except not green and with a face! :D

i still have some t-shirts to sell if anyone is interested. let me know size/colour and i'll see what i've got. <3
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so, since i now live vaguely in the area, i figure i should make my way to the new york comic con in a few weeks. not sure yet if it'll be for the full three days or just end up as a day trip -- it'll depend how much time i can get off work. BUT I WILL BE THERE. AT SOME POINT. FOR SOME TIME.

anyone i know planning on going to NYCC in a couple weeks? who should i be looking out for? what should i be expecting, if you've ever been before?

any NYC-area peeps looking for a travel-sized dude to sleep on their couch/floor for a night or so? I COULD BE THAT DUDE :D
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unless you follow the gallifrey base thread on hurrican who, you may not be aware of recent developments with the convention. two-minute time lord have an excellent write-up of the situation, so i will just quote them:

The last few weeks have revealed some important developments for the Orlando-based Doctor Who convention, and it's important that — for now — tickets are not purchased.

...I had a fantastic time at the Hurricane Who convention in Orlando, Florida, last Halloween. By all appearances it was well run, despite a less-than-great hotel, and I was looking forward to returning. But now there’s a question of whether it will return, and it’s important you know this if you’re making plans to go in 2010 — and especially if you have already bought a ticket and booked a room and flight.

On April 15, a representative of classic Who actress Louise Jameson posted a message from her to the forums at Ms. Jameson claimed that convention organizer Jarrod Cooper, quote, “has several unpaid debts from last year (my fee included) and it is seriously jeopardizing the next event,” end quote. Ms. Jameson also said that Jarrod Cooper had become impossible to contact during the previous two weeks.

Prior to Louise Jameson’s April 15 statement, some Hurricane Who staff members had already left the organization. Multiple sources confirm that Hurricane Who is a sole proprietorship owned by Jarrod Cooper – which means he’s the only one who can correct a serious ongoing problem: the convention website is still accepting ticket purchases for a convention that may not happen. And he’s nowhere to be found.

There’s a potential bright side. According to Barnaby Edwards of Doctor Who New York, and several others on the Gallifrey Base forums, there is a, quote, “small and experienced team,” end quote, that within the next couple of weeks will have explored whether a restructured Hurricane Who is possible and may attempt to negotiate something with Jarrod Cooper if they can contact him. I hope that’s possible, as long as the convention’s existing liabilities, including fees to Louise Jameson and anyone else owed money, are settled first. And of course, if that develops you’ll hear more about it on this podcast. My only vested interest in Hurricane Who is that I had a terrific time and would like to return.

there is more information at the link. i just wanted to boost this information around livejournal to people who will not have heard the news -- especially as the hurricane who website has not been changed to reflect the situation and is still accepting registration fees. so, if you're planning on attending, don't register yet, and don't book anything nonrefundable until the situation has resolved itself one way or another. if you want to follow the news, the gallifrey base forum thread is probably your best bet, but i'm sure two-minute time lord will also keep people updates on the situation (i'd volunteer as well, but i'm moving soon and may not be able to keep up with it in a timely manner).

here's to hoping everything can be resolved soon.
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Gallifrey One 21: Blackjack (2010)
The Field Report!

ha, have been promising this for about a week now. major thanks to shaun lyon and all the organisers and volunteers at gally, because it was an amazing convention. if you can make it, i can't recommend going enough! very fun, very well-organised, super easy to get to and from the airport, and lobbycon is EPIC there.

lots of length follows these cuts! be forewarned!

2010.02.25 (thursday)
I can't say I'm entirely comfortable being a Boy-Toy of Rassilon, considering the horrible metal glove thingy. No to mention OMEGA. )

2010.02.26 (friday)
He was just incredibly familiar with your Dick. )

2010.02.27 (saturday)
Of course I read the script! I don't know, I thought it would all be done with CGI! )

2010.02.28 (sunday)
Evil Ballerina Luke - a story waiting to be told? Probably not. )

anyway, a most excellent con, a good time hanging out with friends, and an all around nice time. highly recommended to anyone looking for something to do in the middle of a miserable february next year. can't wait to see all ya'll again. <3
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am back from gally! 'twas a blast and a half, as predicted. it was great to see old friends and make a bunch of new ones -- i love you all! i've tried to catch up a bit on teh lj but ping me if there's anything especial you'd like me to see; i got to skip=350 by skimming and making mental notes of "okay, i should go check that out later"... which i have now all forgotten, OF COURSE.

all i can say is i will be very disappointed if badge kilts aren't all the rage in con wear next year.

ps write-up to follow soonish!
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am all booked for gallifrey one! so it is really happening, omg. :O
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Chicago TARDIS 2009
The Field Report!

okay so this con was fucking ace, as always. major kudos as usual to [ profile] renn for her organisational skills, and also to [ profile] ghost2, for giving me a room to stay in this year! the con this year was an amazing mix of old friends and new ones, and it was so nice getting to catch up and hang out that i sometimes forgot to actually go to panels! or maybe i just forgot to take notes? who knows!

there were loads of cosplayers roaming the halls this year! i saw two delgados, two brigs, two girl fives (whut!), two second doctors, three eighth doctors, three adrics (inorite?), two marthas, a reinette, a first doctor, several tenth doctors, an amy (awesome!), several donnas, several UNIT troops, a turlough, a romana, and i'm sure i'm leaving out some because i only saw the beginning of the masquerade. i'm glad i didn't try out my half-assed eleventh doctor get-up because most of the costumes were really great. one of the marthas in particular was fantastic. i just wish i'd got to see the reinette close up!

anyway, chronological tiem!

2009.11.26 (thursday)
santa claus and a dash of homoeroticism )

2009.11.27 (friday)
warnings: self-RPS and mpreg )

2009.11.28 (saturday):
crisis on infinite doctors )

2009.11.29 (sunday):
and then we realised he was running because a bee got into his suit )

and on a more serious note, my friend [ profile] britgeekgrrl needs a little help and well-wishing in a difficult time. i met her at chicago TARDIS in 2007 -- she was the first person i met and ended up befriending at the con, in fact. she's been unfailingly kind and last year let me bunk on the floor of her hotel room when i didn't have money for a bed of my own. the day after she got back from this year's convention her husband alex died after a long battle with cancer. it happened a lot sooner than she or anyone was expecting, so the family's been caught not quite fully prepared. so a group of her friends have put together a community called [ profile] britgeek_love to try and raise funds for the funeral expenses and so forth by auctioning off books, jewelry, mementoes, clothes, art, etc. check it out and see if there's anything there you've been meaning to pick up, or if there's anything you might want to contribute to the pool. thanks.

<3<3<3 to everyone i met and i'm hoping to see you all again next year.
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hurrah technology! i can't be at the gallifrey one con this weekend but [ profile] elyssadc can! so were just talking on the phone as she wandered about and so i got vicarious run-ins with: [ profile] taraljc, frazer hines, and colin baker, hurrah! the latter was apparently lifting boxes in a manly fashion. why they're having one of their top-billed guests lift boxes of merchandise i don't know.

technology is also good for getting texts during torchwood panels: "This is nothing but porn porn porn". i am assuming TW fans were probably having seizues of glee when the panel with gareth david-lloyd and kai owen was suddenly interruted by the unexpected appearance of naoko mori.

pia guerra is a guest too! i would like to meet her and inspect her artistically gifted hands.
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Chicago TARDIS 2008
The Field Report!

GOD DAMN THAT WAS AN AWESOME CON. so many thanks to the organisers (like the wonderful [ profile] renn) for making chicago TARDIS one of the best cons around. SO AWESOME GUYS, YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

i don't know if i can pick out any one bit as being the most awesome, but probably my greatest acheivement was on friday night. nick had just got in for opening ceremonies and told everyone to excuse his appearance because he had a bruise on his head from running into a door in the dark (bless). i saw nick in the lobby, he said "hi!" (because he must have remembered me making inappropriate interjections into his panels last year), and i said, "hi!" and then we hugged and as we were hugging i said, "oh hey, nick, i'm sorry about your FACE."


anyway, chronological tiem!

2008.11.27 (thursday):
Hugs -- ACHIEVED )

2008.11.28 (friday):
Planet of the Ood has references to The Sensorites -- WHY?? )

2008.11.29 (saturday):

2008.11.30 (sunday):
You SHUT UP! You eat what I give you! )

thanks to all the many people who made it possible, and to all the wonderful people i talked to and interacted with over the weekend. you've got my love.

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Chicago TARDIS 2007
The Field Report!

this weekend was another reminder of why i really need to get a digital camera, if only so i could have taken a picture of nicholas briggs playing with a remote control dalek in the dealer's room. it was a beautiful sight, truly. especially when it wasn't working correctly and he tried shaking the control about with some amount of violence. but in the absence of .imgs i can impart .infos.

sos i shall!

actually, while nick briggs was playing (or attempting to play) with the dalek and getting it to shout EXTERMINATE! (it was rather noisy in the dealer's room) i asked him if he was playing with a toy of his own voice and he said,"No, these are from the movies. These are the daleks that I try to be as good as." one more reason that i need to see those, apart from peter cushing's moustache.


2007.11.23 (friday):
'This toast is dedicated to your amazing hair, and its ever increasing girth.' )

2007.11.24 (saturday)
topics included: the doctor as an alternative to mainstream masculinity; torchwood; why doctor who has so many gay fans; torchwood; torchwood: it's a bit gay; and, the doctor and the master: they're a bit gay (for each other). )

2007.11.25 (sunday)
Yes, there should be a little bit of quality. )

it was a good weekend.


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