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sorry it's taken me so long, guys! i've been in the middle of a lot of stuff (like suddenly moving across the country), so i've been neglecting the t-shirts i owe people. don't worry, i've got them all planned out still, and should be able to send them out by the end of the month (i.e. before i have to drive from wisconsin to new york). i'll be PMing every person who expressed interest in getting a shirt from the last post, making sure you still want it and then what size you need it in, plus paypal information.

plus, anyone else who's interested, let me know! cos i'm not gonna lie, i could use the funds for the move.

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this is an eleventh doctor sketch i made at a meeting a couple weeks ago while i was missing "the eleventh hour". then i finally got my scanner working. so... hurrah?
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my friend, jonCates, giving a short talk earlier today on social and other kinds of networks, historicity, feminism, radicalism, new media, [before a panel kicking off the College Art Association conference, called Distributing Ourselves: New Media Art, Curating, Networks, and Collaborations]:

video under here )


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