Dec. 7th, 2007 07:07 pm
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sadly i don't think i'll be there despite my intense desire to be so, because i cannot get anyone to take my saturday night shift. ARGH, i say. chicago peoples, i am going to try and come down next weekend, just for hangin's out, and also art talks. but man, i wanted to do tht hardware hacking workshoppe. ;____;


Nov. 28th, 2007 04:18 pm
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for those who are in the chicago area, or are interested in what stuffs i am getting up to, here is a show that i will be a part of the weekend after next:

HARDcoded :: Digital Punk Magicians

SAT Dec 08 2007
3 PM - 11 PM (// estimate)
1550 N. Milwaukee Ave 3rd Fl. Chicago, IL 60622

HARDcoded (// or HARDCODED) is an ongoing collaboration between newMedia artists in Chicago and Mexico City, that explore the cross-over between digital noise, punk, and magic. HARDcoded is a wordplay between embedded/immutable data sets in software development and the xXxHARDCORExXx ethic of Punk culture. Our approach to reconstruct/disrupt the controlled environment of proprietary software tools and commercial applications of/for digital technology will be enabled by breaking these devices with wizardry. HARDcoded seeks to create a space where ruptures in our digital playing field (glitch, noise, or otherwise hacked material) can take precedence over the norms of our contemporary static digital landscape. The collaboration borrows from a Punk ethics/ethos that can inform the necessity for a sustainable break away from the normative practices of commercial platforms by providing/facilitating a DIY/DIT network. To attempt to create such a network to digital approaches, HARDcoded employs tools of "magic" origin. This "magic," which serves as ironic term with a critical bent, can break the spell of traditional methods of cultural communication and sharing. In attempting to approach this task, HARDcoded wishes to provide a social platform of workshops, talks, and performances to enable these fissures to break through the veil of our "closed-source" expectations and reliance.

The Program consists of workshops/talks by ::

Alex Ignlizian + Mark Beasley (Hardware Hacking/Building)
Jake Elliott (Reprogramming Computer Literacy)
Free Geek Chicago (Free Software and Hacktivism)
Temporary Services (Hacktivism)
criticalartware (Lecture on Hypertreaded History)

And Nightly Performances/screening by ::

CHHO (The Chicago Hacked Hardware Orchestra, Performance from participants in Workshop)
Valerie Brewer (Machinima Art)
professor pangaea (Machinima Art)
criticalartware (Hyperyarn, Realtime artware Development performance)
I <3 Presets (Live Audio/Video performance)

i'm going to try and be there for the day, and also hopefully for a few days afterwards, for hanging out and art-making purposes. depends on various things. <3<3<3
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i'll be in chicago this weekend for the third great lakes chicago area HACKMEETING.


yeah, that's a cool thing. art, education, activism, and circuit bending.

meanwhile i am working on a choose-your-own-adventure type story about these guys for the forklore project (which is being made by one of the guys who runs Busker, which is at the little flower shoppe, which is where the hackmeeting is being held this weekend).

recent research has revealed that the revised name of hyracotherium for the "dawn horse" is not correct, as the hyracotherium is actually a horse-like animal of the same time period that is not directly related to horses, and that only one species of eohippus has actually ever been discovered. all the other specimens are animals such as proterohippus (which that illustration is probably actually a reconstruction of). that won't keep me from calling the project "Dawn Horse", though. or the companion album.

don't worry, i won't forget the DIATRYMA ATTACK!!!
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if i was in melbourne, or at least australia, i would for sure be going to see the MACHNIMA FESTIVAL over at the acmi.


note to self: make a better version of own machnima piece. make some more. submit to things.

also for those looking for something super beautiful, check out these long exposure prints of some classic 80's arcade games by a gal named rosemarie fiore:

this one is from "gyruss". my other favourites are photos of "qix" (which is really a hard game to boot).
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she is but young to cyberspace.


May. 10th, 2006 11:49 pm
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is a virtual/physical curatorial game engine, in which players will, through gameplay, view and also participate in various artworks and art practices. Players will be arranged into four groups, or teams, and will have to solve a series of separate but intertwining problems and puzzles. The method of solution of these problems will vary with individual teams and constitutes the main gameplay. Gameplay is not merely the practice by which solutions are arrived at, but also the solution itself -- in other words, the way in which players must think and associate different art and art practice to arrive at the solution to a given level of the game also reflects the over-riding theme of the game itself, and thus necessitates thoughtful consideration of artworks; their meanings, their relationship to other works, and their relationship to the game.

In addition, artists whose work is included in the game are asked to be active participants in the development of the game, thus changing the passive role of artists in standard curatorial practises into an active one.

[FRAY]play is a project that I have been working on all semester, with three in-class collaborators (Tamas Kemensky, Chris LaGarce, and Beatriz Albuquerque), who made three of the stages, and two others ([livejournal.com profile] copperbadge and [livejournal.com profile] cesario and I worked on a stage together); I also developed the website (ultra awesome dispenser and recombinator coding is by Tamas Kemensky, of Busker). Project launch is on Saturday, May 13, at the [FRAY] after party at the Chicago Art Department. If it is successful, [FRAY]play should be an extremely interesting event/project/piece.


Dec. 13th, 2005 01:03 am
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In honour of random wireless access and staying up until all hours making art projects, I present some machinima induced picturage:

Meanwhile, I've been getting all sorts of terrible headaches -- just got the third one today that is so excruciating that it is making me nauseous. Ah, finals week, how shall I survive you?
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A picture from an important demo concerning the game Second Life in my Machinema class. My teacher, Jon Cates, is the one who is speaking.

My class is very concerned with serious issues.

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Want to see what I've been working on?

Follow where the image leads you.


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