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currently addicted to this song by laibach:

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does this bring back fond memories for anyone else?

so i was talking to a friend about this game a few days ago and how AWESOME the theme was, and she was like, "it was even better on the commodore 64", and i was like THERE WAS A C64 VERSION OF SKATE OR DIE OMG?! so i went searching and it turns out that skate or die was ported to the C64 and a few other consoles, but that skate or die 2 never was. dang! i wanted to hear the SID chip yelling "diediediediedie!!"

in my searches i found out the name of the composer, though, and it is rob hubbard, who is a musician who got interested in computers and software, taught himself assembly, and started coding and making video game music in the mid-80's. i went to the high voltage SID collection to try and find the mythical C64 version of skate or die 2, was reminded the thing has so many fucking songs on it it's impossible to find anything, and then found this great site, stone oakvalley's authentic SID collection, which has a great search interface (+ apparently non-emulated recording, which i wasn't aware HVSC had?). anyway, here are a few of rob hubbard's pieces that i found and really liked:

Rasputin: first song i clicked on after skate or die. it starts off weird and fun and gets faster and crazier as it goes.

Phantoms of the Asteroid [part 01]: adventurous, mechanical, spacey.

Phantoms of the Asteroid [part 04]: weird and experimental sounding. bleep bloop glitch.

W_A_R: epic, but not melodramatic. you feel like there's a big, sprawling story going on with this one.

Zoids: here is some drama! yes, i love that arpeggio!

Lightforce: atmosphereic but intense. reminds me a little of music from ecco the dolphin.

these aren't like the songs i sometimes link from places like 8bitcollective, etc; these are all from commercially released C64 games. very impressive. that's also why most of them seem to have really abrupt endings, because whoever was recording them probably stopped them before they stopped looping again. you can probably control that if you download the SID file instead of the MP3 and play it on a SIDplayer, but I don't know for sure because i haven't done that yet (the SID is the name of the sound chip in the C64, and it's got a gorgeous sound. if you're going to listen to game music, you can listen to an MP3 recording of the music, or you can get a played that will play the original sound file. that's what i have for listening to old NES and genesis music, and it's very cool since the music files are only a few kilobytes per song, and depending on the player you can manipulate and isolate the separate channels that the music is being produced in, which is loads of fun).
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i have been listening to these five songs by Dr. Szliszka over and over since i discovered them -- actually i discovered the first one, then went back months later to relisten and found there were four sequels. the songs run in a narrative with another artist named Captain Sievert, as they fight each other across the galaxy in a battle for universal domination vs freedom, but frankly Dr. Szliszka's work is in a completely different league than capt sievert's. i wish i knew what systems he uses to make his music.

So Long, Capt. Sievert!
Androids: Battle Mode
Like a Fly Into the Web
Galactic Emperor
Feel My Wrath

and i've recced this artist before but i really love this song by henryhomesweet: Until I Sleep

if you're wondering, the common denominator is EPICNESS
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so apparently i will be reccing at [ profile] three_settings this week. check it out if you're curious as to what kind of fic makes me think, "oh that was quite sexy. oh, and also well-written. and i won't mind admitting to that in public. too much." or avoid that, if you're afraid to find out (or already knoooow and wish you didn't D:).

meanwhile, there's a thread on the anonmeme about whether gallifrey and the time lords should be brought back. and so i've been scrolling past this comment all day (which is part of thread where everyone's like, yeah get rid of it for good! stop bringing it up!) and every time i see it it HURTS MY SOUL:

Yeah, but thing is? New canon hasn't really made a case for its absence. I mean, it's present by its constant absence, more so even than Rose was.

other than the fact that that statement doesn't make logical sense (make a case, what?), it's strange to this commenter that the continued absence of the doctor's home planet is "present" within the show? what, is he going to forget he blew it up and wiped every being on it, including his own family, his own children, off the face of the universe? and it's even stranger that this is made more of an issue in the show than rose being gone?

i just. this statement does not compute. of course gallifrey's absence is mentioned more than rose's! GUYS HE DESTROYED HIS ENTIRE SOCIETY, HE COMMITED GENOCIDE AGAINST HIS OWN PEOPLE. HE KILLED HIS OWN CHILDREN. this is more important than a not!girlfriend, even if she was dead, and not alive and healthy with her entire family and an inherited job and inherited wealth. gah!!
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peeps should be reading these stories because they are so, so good:

Three Parties by [ profile] nam_jai:
from the [ profile] thinking_hand ficfest, which didn't quite get off the ground but is such an awesome idea that it should be resurrected. as the summary says, "Before a mad scientist goes mad, there's probably a time when he's only partially mad. And this is the time when he's going to throw his best parties." funny and rather heart-breaking. also: alt!sarah jane hurrah!

"Don't mind him -- he fancies himself a great observer of human nature," Rose said.

"I am a great observer of human nature. Spent a lot of time around humans. I am human. And you don't spend years working as a temp without learning something about people. You just have to be observant." He seemed to consider this, then added, "Well, you learn to be observant after your fiancé tries to feed you to a giant spider. You remember to pay attention then."

"I can imagine," Sarah said.

Fake Palindrome by [ profile] nonelvis:
you might think i am biased because i betaed this but actually i am biased because it is AWESOME. guys it is handy/alt!ace. HANDY/ACE. it's a bit perfect.

She's so like his Ace, and yet so different. Same hair pulled back in a ponytail, same self-confident flippancy, same button nose he yearns to press, though this Ace would probably break his finger if he tried that. She won't tell him how she acquired the crosshatched scars on her left hand, but Rose told him rumour has it Ace survived a trip into a cyberconversion booth thanks to malfunctioning earpods and a length of iron piping.

Whenever he sees her, he recalls a past that was his, yet wasn't, and was never hers. Nostalgia aches where a second heart once beat. He can, and does, share stories with Rose, but Rose knows what it's like to travel with him; Ace doesn't, and never will.

Let's Forget We're Running (Out of Time) by [ profile] zoicite:
the summary says, "A gay man who lies about his name and his job asks her out in Trafalgar Square and she says yes. Yes. It sounds like the start of a joke and here she is waiting for the punch line." donnafic, guys, and it's lovely, sad and hopeful all around.

They start getting together whenever he’s ‘in town’. She wonders if ‘in town’ isn’t just some sort of code that means when he’s not busy stalking someone else. There’s always something he wants to do; coffee, a play, a concert event. His suggestions always bring them to very public locations and she wonders if it’s on purpose, if he’s trying to ease her apprehensions about their first meeting. It’s a strange friendship. She can’t believe half of what he says, never knows when he’ll turn up, and she can’t contact him, yet she’s always happy to see him when he appears. And somehow he still always knows where to find her.

“Because he’s a stalker,” Veena says. “That’s what stalker’s do. That’s why when you have a stalker you call the police.”

“He’s harmless,” Donna insists. Most of the time she’s still sure that’s true.
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i FINALLY found a chiptune cover of the doctor who theme. not only did i find it, but it is FUCKIN' AWESOME:

The Doctor's In Danger by Mahamajama

MUCH more aesthetically pleasing than the version made for the actual bbc micro game the mines of terror, which you can listen to here. i've never played it but i've heard once you get past the music and the less-than stellar graphic design it's a really engrossing game (well, according to hardcore gamers. which i wouldn't count myself as since echo the dolphin is enough of a challenge for my attention and patience).

also, anyone who ever wished they could have a wee doctor who game to play on their gameboy should check out one of these posts by [ profile] reasonabsurd. pixel art is sexy, and so is saving gallifrey from daleks while collecting bananas for extra points! i would definitely play this game. if it actually existed. which it doesn't. :(
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have done a bit of a redesign on the livejournal. been meaning to forever, like with many things in my life at present. also chucked everything from my old profile in favour of a few vaguely enigmatic gifs.

i can now also be found over at inksome under the imaginative sobriquet prof_pangaea. other journal attained in case of catastrophic livejournal failure, or sudden need for 150 userpics, neither or which are likely to be happening anytime in the near future, but it pays to be prepared. that's why i walk around with a machete strapped to my back with duct tape.

also listening to this guy little-scale over at 8bitcollective. i am into his sega master system stuff (because i am a sucker for anything made with the SMS) and also his nanoloop tracks.

Systematic: gorgeous. like being on a peaceful voyage under the sea.
Antarctica: lonely and strange.
Dynasty: EPIC.

here is a nice tune made with the korg-ds (the cart that i covet very much):
Biotank. it's by someone named Drumper8, i's their only upload but i like it. chill but menacing.

and of course this: Before the Empire (I, II, and III) by Note!

Part I: Pax Cephalopoda - hundreds of millions of years of joy-filled and carefree squidiness.

Interlude: Genetentical Engineering - the humans take hold and, through science(!), turn squid into Cephalonaut.

Part II: Top Squid - the Cephalonauts spend hundreds of years blasting through space; combing the far reaches for the natural resources so desperately needed by their human masters.

Part III: March of the Mollusc's Foot - the Cephalonauts realize they hold the future of the planet Earth and the human race in the persistence of their deliveries. They leave Earth behind to dry up, they swell in numbers and take the universe by terrible, inky storm.
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all right, so i am definitely enjoying the numerous multi-part alternative fifth seasons that are being written, but seriously, THIS is the premise that really deserves a season of its very own:

Long Way for a Shortcut, by [ profile] netgirl_y2k. (GIANT FINALE SPOILERS, obviously.)
Summary: I’m a human being with the brain of a Time Lord and he’s a Time Lord trapped in a human body. Which isn’t nearly as kinky as it sounds.

absolute win. yes.


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