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i have lots more to say about deep breath and into the dalek, but no tiem for that at the moment. so instead, have some random quotes and whatnot i just found in my "restore from draft" when i opened this page up:

random thoughts from deep breath under here )

btw capaldi is AMAZING and i have been SO PLEASANTLY SURPRISED by clara having a personality, and an awesome one to boot. also, am already stockpiling supplies in preparation of becoming the only doctor/danny shipper in existence.
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i started uploading old fic to Ao3 a few days ago. it's pretty interesting going through my old stories. somewhat weird too -- like, ohhhhh, right, yeah, i wrote a story about mary russell being trans BEFORE I REALISED I WAS TRANS. brains are stupid, by the way.

also, remembering a time when only i and one other person IN THE WHOLE WORLD had written and posted holmes/moriarty fic. holmes fandom was very... um. yes. traditional. also, mostly non-existent, as far as fic was concerned. i believe there was a time when i'd read every single holmes fic on the web. back in the day, when it qualified for yuletide every year! and when i signed up for remix/redux, and i was one of two people who had ANY sherlock holmes stories available for remixing!

meanwhile, sherlock is now the fandom that ate all other fandoms. and yet my interest in sherlock/john is nearly as nonexistent as holmes fic was in 2004. every once in a while i'm like, "c'mon, self, let's go check it out!" and then i click on something and there's an alpha/omega cock-knotting slave AU where everyone is a cat and i'm like, "oh hey, maybe it's time to clean the bathroom".
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stolen from [personal profile] platypus. much like her, i am ignoring the rules, because I CAN.

1. You can ONLY answer 'Yes' or 'No'

2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone asks in comments.

3. Flisters may ask you expand on ONLY ONE of your yes no answers each.
see rules i am ignoring youuuu

Kissed any one of your Dreamwidth/LiveJournal friends? - only on the cheek! (this question would have a different answer if we were talking twitter or fb though)

Been arrested? - no

Kissed someone you didn't like? - thankfully no

Slept in until 5 PM? - i used to dream of sleeping that late when i worked midnight to noon. my body usually worked against me, though. :(

Fallen asleep at work/school? - yah

Held a snake? - i used to have a pet snake. sometimes i would wrap him around my neck and take him for walks.

more stuff under here )


Jun. 7th, 2013 10:17 am
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"That moustache that you have that is totally there but invisible - that is David Burke's moustache."

-[personal profile] branwyn describing which version of watson i am.


May. 8th, 2013 10:27 am
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it's terrible, but my first thought when watching the broadchurch finale was SPOILERS KILLED DANNY MITCHELL )

*looks for fic*

*sees fic summaries on a03*

*immediately stops looking for fic*

guys, not every character ever played by david tennant needs to be fucked by ROSE. her vagina is not going to heal hardy's myyyyystery illness! ). it is not magical. i mean, that didn't even work for the one character he played who actually could have fucked rose. it was donna's vagina that fixed him
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nobody told me that sexy horatio from tennant's hamlet was in broadchurch. you're all fired.

i'm only two eps in so far, shhhh, no spoiler me pls
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ta-nehesi coates writes a post called "Why 'Accidental Racist' is Actually Just Racist", which we all know is some kind of irresistible siren song to a certain type of commenter. you know the kind. you've back-clicked from their "arguments" on countless news sites, you've had that extra rum-infused eggnog at thanksgiving to stop yourself from strangling them, etc. the great thing about TNC is he moderates the hell out of his online space, which means actual conversation can happen there. and when those inevitable, inescapable commenters appear, they, for once, don't get coddled. they get, very politely, very articulately, and very definitively taken down.

I have not in fact called him racist. I have called the song racist. You may say that something I have said is stupid or ignorant or mean. You have not, in fact, called me a stupid person or an ignorant person or a mean person.

I strongly suspect that you know this. I do not care what is preferable. I do not write to rescue you from your own need to take offense. I will not make this easy for you. I will not address you as though you do not know the difference between describing what you are doing and what you are.

I will not write for "many white people." Tell them to read a book. This ain't built for them.

it's glorious.
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oh hell yeah, i found a piece of paper i scribbled a bit of dialogue onto when i was listening to the new fourth doctor adventures from big finish. it's from episode two, "the renaissance man":

Doctor: *mumbles some technobabble at the TARDIS console*

Leela: "You say these things to make me ask questions."

Doctor: "Well, it's the best way to learn -- I'm trying to teach you, Leela! You can't go through life never knowing what a gravitic drift compensator is for, can you? I mean, you might get stuck in a gravitic drift, and then where would you be? Apart from, in a pickle."

Leela: "So, what is a gravitic drift?"

Doctor: I don't know, but then I've never been stuck in one. I take precautions."

i would also like to point out that in another episode, leela and the master ride a horse bareback together through a time tunnel thing to try and save the doctor. IN OTHER WORDS YOU ALL SHOULD BE LISTENING TO THESE THINGS OKAY
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sister [talking to olive]: if you were a little girl, you'd have freckles.
me: ...and a moustache.
sister: ...and small, little beady eyes.
sister: and the slightest unibrow, kissed light by the sun.
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this fic is a fucker. or i suck at writing. one of the two.


Jan. 27th, 2013 12:27 pm
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well, three years after setting the account up, i've finally decided to start using it. so, here is a cross-posting test. i'll be around both places, so if you enjoy ugly websites, or instead enjoy creepy, badly-designed websites, you'll have equal access! i've got to update some friends-lists and whatnot -- let me know if you're over (t)here, let's be circle buddies and talk about doctor who and kitties and watson's moustache n stuff. <3

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here is olive when she was three and a half months old. :D

showing off her resemblance to both william h. macy and an ewok

taking a nap in her favourite bed, a fake crystal punchbowl

playing with her favourite toy, a stuffed kitty wearing a santa hat, whose name is Kitty Cat

she is pretty boss. <3
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my Totally Not At All Batshit elementary theory is: irene adler is alive and is also moriarty; she faked her own death to get away from holmes' terrible wardrobe.

btw, there is a wee kitten on me who REFUSES to let me sit and type in a peaceful or ergonomic manner. her name is olive. ^___^
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sorry, no cute pictures this time.

charlie is dying. we're taking him to the vet tomorrow to make sure he's not suffering.

thank you to everyone. you've all been so supportive. it's meant a lot to me.
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this is charlie and me yesterday morning, just before i had to bring him into the vet to be hospitalised. (you can see where they shaved his legs for his procedure last week). the good news from the biopsy results, which we finally got on monday, was that charlie does have IBD, and not cancer (i.e. the lymphoma). the bad news is that we got that info when he rushed him in on monday morning after nearly a full week of not eating, and a full weekend of him staggering around in pain and meowing piteously because we couldn't help him. it was so horrible.

in the course of about a week he'd lost another full pound of weight -- so he was down to only five pounds total. he finally got a shot of steroids (to treat the inflammation in his bowels) and an anti-nausea shot (to try to help him be able to eat). his disease has progressed pretty quickly, and it seems the endoscopy, while allowing for a diagnosis, also helped to further inflame his intestines. the doctor we met with was the same one who did his ultrasound -- she is so nice, and really caring. she gave him an x-ray to make sure he didn't have pneumonia, and even slipped in a quick ultrasound to check on the progress of the IBD, and didn't charge us for it. then she let us call her several times with things like, "HE JUST FELL ASLEEP REALLY WEIRDLY IS HE DYING?" throughout the day. she is awesome, if anyone is ever in the capital district and needs complex care for their wee animals i would totally recommend her.

anyway charlie had a brief turnaround after the first round of shots, and ate pretty well that night... and then he stopped eating, or meowing, or even really moving. previous to this, even when he couldn't eat, he always seemed to want to eat. but not anymore.

i was pretty afraid we were at the end. my sister and i talked about keeping him home or bringing him into the vet for hospitalisation. i really, really didn't want to do that, because i was convinced if we did that he was going to die all alone in a cage in a scary place surrounded by strangers. but my sister couldn't watch him die at home, so i brought him in.

we visited last night and this morning, and he seems to, cautiously, be doing a bit better. the most important thing is to keep him eating, and it seems they've been able to get him to eat. we've been giving him subcutaneous fluids, but apparently he was still a little dehydrated, so he's on an IV right now. if he's still looking okay later, we'll take him home tonight after my sister gets home from work. we are gonna cuddle the ever-loving fuck out of him. i'm really trying not to get too optimistic about his chances, but i can't seem to help it. :( he is the best kitty of all kitties.
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here is charlie getting his ultrasound on monday! the doctor had to shave his belly, but not down to the skin, so charlie doesn't have to be embarrassed.

the news is not good, but it's better than we were expecting (which was, "make your cat comfortable for the next couple of weeks"). his symptoms, plus the ultrasound results, seem to point to one of two possibilities; lymphoma, or inflammatory bowel disease. both are incurable and will eventually kill him, but both are at least partly treatable, and especially if he has IBD, he could still be around for several years with a good quality of life. right now the doctors are leaning towards the IBD, because the ultrasound revealed his lymph nodes to be normal (hurrah!), but there's no way to know for sure without a biopsy. whichever disease he has, it's affected his intestines, thickening the walls so that it's become progressively more difficult for his body to absorb nutrients from food.

he's always been a very picky eater, but over the past few months he'd been getting more and more picky, until he finally stopped eating altogether, which is why we first took him to the vet two weeks ago. thankfully, what the x-rays seemed to show was a growth, was actually just an awful blockage in his colon (which happens if an animal isn't eating or drinking enough to pass what's left in it), and once we started him on a fluid IV every day to deal with his dehydration, it cleared him out. it's also made him feel well enough to eat periodically, though he only eats small amounts at a time. he's hungry all the time, because his body wants nutrients, but when he eats it seems to make him feel sick, so he only eats a little. and it apparently has to be the most ridiculously delicious shit in the world or he won't even lick it. dudes, you do not even understand how many fucking cans of processed fish we have in this house right now, trying to get him to eat SOMETHING. do you know how many different types of "fancy feast" there are? THERE ARE A LOT. right now (yay!) he is eating a little bowl of this hypo-allergenic grain-free food that comes in a pouch. he actually ate half, and then went back on his own to finish it off, which is like a total win.

charlie's got another big thing coming up on tuesday -- an endoscopy, so they can get a sample of his intestinal tract and test it to figure out which disease he's got. it's a bit scary because they're going to have to anesthetise him, and he has a heart murmur which could complicate things. but if everything goes well, then the doctors will get what they need, and then hopefully we can get him on some medication and get him feeling better and putting weight back on, and he'll still be here at christmas so he can see how jenna louise coleman manages to become the new companion after being a [spoiler] in the season premiere.

thanks for all the comments on the last post, guys. they were really appreciated. <3
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look at this handsome dude. he loves hanging out with his humans, and stalking feathery toys, catnip bags, and flip flops. if you call out his name from another room, he comes in and is like, "hey, what's up?" he thinks he is married to my sister, so when she started dating her boyfriend he would, in the middle of the night, take the springy door stop in his mouth and then relese it with a god-awfully loud 'SPROINGGGGG". then he'd go lay between them in bed. now the boyfriend has been around long enough that when he's not home, charlie will wait for him at the top of the stairs. at night, he likes to sleep between your legs, or cuddles up next to you like a teddy bear. he likes to give lots of loving head-butts, and jump onto my back and purr loudly in my ear.

last saturday the vet found a large growth in his abdomen. he's going in for an ultrasound right now. keep him in your thoughts if you can. <3


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