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have not seen the most recent episode of "class" but have seen the first two. day drinker twelve was amazing. the show itself seems fine - well-done YA genre that I would have loved as a teen and that i am currently liking well-enough but without the doctor who element it would probably be one of those shows i'd keep meaning to get to while it spent years on my netflix queue. however, i would like to thank the producers for the frequent shots of topless ram.

back to pcap: he is very gorgeous and twelve and bill look amazing together??? i am SO looking forward to their episodes, and also looking forward to some more interesting people maybe getting involved with fandom again once there's some space for people who aren't interested in ignoring every character who isn't white. despite the fact that i did ship it (until it was ruined for me, first by fandom, then kind of by the show) whouffaldi fandom VERY quickly turned into an unwelcoming, unfun place. i don't derive pleasure from aggressively calling out shittiness, racism, and general badfic (SO MCUH BADFIC OMGGGGG) so i basically just withdrew from fandom aside from old friends and a couple of new ones even though i was actually enjoying doctor who more than i have in a long time.

I LOVE TWELVE. i love him. that is all for now.
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i accidentally bought dried plum instead of dried mango at the asian market. it tastes musky like a deer made of fruit.
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gosh "the silurians" is so good. just, so, so, so, good.
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real post soon. got loads to say about bill. :D

also remembered i promised [personal profile] nonelvis i would give her some grime recs, which in turn reminds me that noel clarke's latest film, "brotherhood" is coming out soon -- it's third in the trilogy (kidulthood, adulthood, brotherhood), and each film has had a MASSIVE grime soundtrack.

that track's "bluku bye bye bye" by chipmunk, fyi
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i can feel myself sloooowly getting sick and i do not like it >:(
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back from gally. feelin' the urge to do a con write up like i used to, but i've fallen from the habit of taking notes every panel (and also of... going to every panel). but i'll get something up. ^__^
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dreamy, cloudy, mythic

dark outside, lying on your back with the lights all dimmed, play on repeat
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~hot tea and a thousand trader joes brand fig newtons~


Dec. 4th, 2014 06:22 am
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oh, and i know i've been terrible at posting despite my best intentions -- job has been keeping me sooo busy (it's fucking 6:20 am and i've been hearing emails buzzing from my phone for the past half an hour, whyyyyy), but since i haven't mentioned it here, i would just like to say that this past series of doctor who was really and truly incredible, is possibly the best since the show came back, and is by far my favourite since series 3 (and is probably my fav of all).

i've got all sorts of ideas for meta and for fic, it's just finding the time to write with everything else going on. i have been posting a bit on tumblr (and twitter!), but even with the insta-reblog features and whatnot i don't post nearly as much as i mean to. will continue trying to change that, though.

also: help i think i'm accidentally falling into the thick of it fandom how did this happen D:

<3s, y'all!
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okay, so after kill the moon aired i was texting [personal profile] nonelvis about how AWESOMELY PAINFUL it would be if the doctor took the TARDIS back to before he and clara had their fight and split up, and for completely sensible and plot-related reasons they ended up having to share a bed, and all the while he is thinking, "WHAT AM I DOING WHY DO I ALWAYS MAKE THE WORST DECISIONS" (this is before we realised, no, it is clara who always makes the worst decisions, but i digress). this led to "wouldn't it be great if ten and mickey had to share a bed?" "what about leela and romana?" "WHAT ABOUT THREE AND THE BRIG?" (this is obviously canon).


so we made a fic fest. :D

check it out! it's called [community profile] onlyonebed. prompting opened on monday, prompt claiming begins on dec. 15, and posting begins on february 1 and will go throughout the month, giving us all twenty-eight days of sharing a bed. how romantical!

i already have like three different fic ideas, and given the speed with which i write i doubt i'll have them all done by february first... but i am totally going to try. (and yah, i have been writing fic, got a new one to post very soon, but as usual, it's going under the pseud). please help me make awesome fics happen by leaving amazing prompts and by spreading the word!

oh yah and we are all over the place, so please participate wherever you feel most comfy:


please somebody write ten/mickey sharing a bed, and also twelve/EVERYONE.
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that awkward moment when you're reading a lulsy story about brian blessed accidentally punching peter capaldi in the face hard enough to send him to the hospital, and then get to the part where the medics wouldn't treat him at first because they thought he was "dressed in drag" cos he was still in foppish costume from filming.


fuck transphobia, btw!
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i am valiantly trying to listen to the latest ep of the "i hear sherlock" podcast because bert coules is interviewed, but i swear to god listening to the two presenters is like being slowly sucked into a bottomless swamp of tedium and despair. they're so boring i'm having to remind the cells of my body to hold their form so they don't just give up and dissolve into a morass of organic mush and soak into my beige office carpeting.

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i have lots more to say about deep breath and into the dalek, but no tiem for that at the moment. so instead, have some random quotes and whatnot i just found in my "restore from draft" when i opened this page up:

random thoughts from deep breath under here )

btw capaldi is AMAZING and i have been SO PLEASANTLY SURPRISED by clara having a personality, and an awesome one to boot. also, am already stockpiling supplies in preparation of becoming the only doctor/danny shipper in existence.
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i started uploading old fic to Ao3 a few days ago. it's pretty interesting going through my old stories. somewhat weird too -- like, ohhhhh, right, yeah, i wrote a story about mary russell being trans BEFORE I REALISED I WAS TRANS. brains are stupid, by the way.

also, remembering a time when only i and one other person IN THE WHOLE WORLD had written and posted holmes/moriarty fic. holmes fandom was very... um. yes. traditional. also, mostly non-existent, as far as fic was concerned. i believe there was a time when i'd read every single holmes fic on the web. back in the day, when it qualified for yuletide every year! and when i signed up for remix/redux, and i was one of two people who had ANY sherlock holmes stories available for remixing!

meanwhile, sherlock is now the fandom that ate all other fandoms. and yet my interest in sherlock/john is nearly as nonexistent as holmes fic was in 2004. every once in a while i'm like, "c'mon, self, let's go check it out!" and then i click on something and there's an alpha/omega cock-knotting slave AU where everyone is a cat and i'm like, "oh hey, maybe it's time to clean the bathroom".
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stolen from [personal profile] platypus. much like her, i am ignoring the rules, because I CAN.

1. You can ONLY answer 'Yes' or 'No'

2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone asks in comments.

3. Flisters may ask you expand on ONLY ONE of your yes no answers each.
see rules i am ignoring youuuu

Kissed any one of your Dreamwidth/LiveJournal friends? - only on the cheek! (this question would have a different answer if we were talking twitter or fb though)

Been arrested? - no

Kissed someone you didn't like? - thankfully no

Slept in until 5 PM? - i used to dream of sleeping that late when i worked midnight to noon. my body usually worked against me, though. :(

Fallen asleep at work/school? - yah

Held a snake? - i used to have a pet snake. sometimes i would wrap him around my neck and take him for walks.

more stuff under here )


Jun. 7th, 2013 10:17 am
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"That moustache that you have that is totally there but invisible - that is David Burke's moustache."

-[personal profile] branwyn describing which version of watson i am.


May. 8th, 2013 10:27 am
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it's terrible, but my first thought when watching the broadchurch finale was SPOILERS KILLED DANNY MITCHELL )

*looks for fic*

*sees fic summaries on a03*

*immediately stops looking for fic*

guys, not every character ever played by david tennant needs to be fucked by ROSE. her vagina is not going to heal hardy's myyyyystery illness! ). it is not magical. i mean, that didn't even work for the one character he played who actually could have fucked rose. it was donna's vagina that fixed him


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